Sword is drawn

Tales from Dunholme

A campaign in Normandy in World War 2. The Durham Light Infantry scouts cautiously approach the outskirts of the village St Montete. The bren carriers stop. The section moves forward to locate the German Observation Post hidden somewhere close by.

Following the orders from Captain Neville the 3 sections in universal carriers enter the church road. Local intelligence advises a Heer artillery OB somewhere in the church locale.

The section pushes forward. Murray leads his men towards the orchard. German fire cuts down private Dodds as they creep nearer the Church.

McNairs section lets the patrol pass. Using surprise the British attack 1st. The piat missed the Panzer iii but the DLI men cut down 4 German soldiers -including their corporal.The British behind hard cover manage to avoid the return fire without any casualties

Corporal Murray rolls 3 hits and his lads sadly all miss. A panzer grenadier tumbles backwards badly wounded. The others hit the mud pinned. The Germans return fire but all 6 shots miss!

The Germans storm forward .Sgt Mueller and his lads armed with MP40s and rifles score an incredible 8 hits then his MG42 team score another 5. Caught in the lane the British section was brutally mauled. The DLI suffered 4 dead and 2 badly wounded. They failed their Leadership roll and retreated back towards the orchard road