Sword is drawn

Tales from Dunholme

'The Night is gone and the sword is drawn.And the scabbard is thrown away!' 

Cry of the people by John G Neihardt.

The church bells echo across the land.The Autumn leaves are beginning to fall and the daylight fades early in the cold afternoon.Across the Durham countryside people are frightened.Outlying settlements and farms are being attacked under cover of darkness. Survivors struggle to the Cathedral and Durham Castle pleading for aid from the Bishop. Tales of crazed intruders and grotesque devils burning and torturing anyone they can chase down . A shadow of fear stretches over the North. Over the Wall the Scots have the same terrible problem and no one seems to know how or why the curse has come. Clergy, military and local nobles have banded together to form militia bands to combat the nightly threat. The church believes the answer lies in casting out the evil with prayer and brimstone, the military with sword and axe and the land owners with local self defence and mercenries. Meanwhile in the villages and towns people bar their doors and pray as dusk approaches...

So begins the Casket of Souls campaign. In my version of the North dwarves mine the ore in the fertile hills and the elves live deep in the woods in scattered settlements. The orc king Bragga the wise( or the crippler as the people commonly call him) plots in his stronghold Scorched Carr. His scouts harass the trade routes to Durham and York taking goods and hostages in equal measure. Recently the dwarfs living in Durham city have received news that their mines in Dawdon and Blackhall Rocks have been attacked from below ground through their own tunnels by barbaric lizardmen and their kin. The militia in these villages have pleaded for help from the Prince Bishops soldiers. And now one of the Bishops own mills was attacked from the river last week by the twisted beast men from Brancepeth. Several people were murdered and boxes and crates of food taken. The North is in turmoil and now the hungry dead haunt the night.

My games are played with the Rangers of Shadow Deep rules and Mordheim with Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay critical hit tables.